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Age of what we make of it – Ba2

I watched a well spoken, well thought Turkish writer (Elif Shafak) give a speech on how ours was the age of anger, resentment, and fear. I liked the video because it was heartfelt and showed the worries many people have today. I didn’t agree with its message though.

Now that I’m actually optimistic about the future and have ideas on how to make it better, I realize that being negative about today’s events is harmful to our thinking.

Yes, these are very dangerous times. We have weapons (nuclear or not) that can blow the Earth to bits so fast we wouldn’t even have time to be awed by that catastrophic show. Let’s not forget though that we also have amazing people who care about this Earth and want to see it survive. Not just for us but for our children.

So, while I do agree that these are dangerous times, I also am more determined than ever to take advantage of our joint creativity and problem solving skills and turn this age into the age of great opportunity.

Remember that the Chinese word for crisis is made up of the symbols for danger and opportunity. 🙂



Here’s a link to Elif Shafak’s speech.


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