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The journey of a self thought person

Journey of a self-thought person – Ba0

This is the first video for my YouTube channel.

In it I try to explain why I started my channel (hint: because I wanted to do my part in being a force for good.) 🙂

When I was brainstorming what kind of “style” to have for my thumbnails, channel art, and so on, I considered briefly the idea of doing something more polished, more visually appealing. The problem is that I’m not at all into anything that might increase my visual appeal. :-))

I’m plain looking and very comfortable with that. It annoys me to even take a daily shower. I DO take a daily shower, but I don’t wash my hair everyday. Too much time spent on something that’s unimportant. Instead on wasting 10 minutes on cleaning my hair, I’d rather spend that time getting dirty while running, riding my bike, or hiking. Or, I’d much rather clean my mind (or get it dirty) reading a book.

My point is, I know my thumbnails and my looks will not draw anyone into watching these videos. If my channel is of any value to you, it will be because of my ideas.


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