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This is the section where I share my work in progress*.

I’m posting here articles on topics I’m currently researching. I gathered enough information on these topics to make a decent presentation about them, but I’ll be making changes as I explore them more in depth.




I googled areas of knowledge and used those results to come up with the following categories for my posts.

  1. General knowledge
  2. Mathematics
  3. Natural sciences
  4. Human sciences
  5. Arts
  6. Religion


Current WIP


Here’s what I’m currently learning about:

  1. How does the world work?
  2. Mathematical operations


Archived WIP


Once I’m done researching a topic, I polish my presentation and publish the study notes for it. Then I move my WIP notes out of Current WIP into Archived WIP.


Here’s a diagram of my plan for the Learning section of my website(s).


* I don’t have any credentials to teach. I’m not educated enough to give complete and error free presentations. But I have a good mind, a desire to create something that is useful, and a compulsion to put my best effort into what I’m creating. Please keep that in mind, when reading through my articles, and decide for yourself what is useful to you and what isn’t.

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