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Tips on all-out mental effort – Ba3

Problem solvers are just one of the many breeds of athletes. I can’t say that they use their minds more than most athletes (because that’s not true many times), but they use their bodies less (most of the time.)

Still, like all athletes, they sometimes have to put all-out effort if they want to get all-out results.

Here are my tips to make that effort have the most impact. Remember that:

  1. It’s for a short time.
  2. It’s for an important goal. (failing would hurt much more than the pain of the effort)
  3. You have to pace yourself. (make sure you crash after the finish line not before.)
  4. There truly is no finish line. When you love the game (problem solving or any other sports), the finish line is just a rest stop. A place to recover until you’re ready for the next challenge.


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